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Both Russia and France predictably ignored these demands.

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On August 1 Germany ordered general mobilization and declared war against Russia, and France likewise ordered general mobilization. The next day Germany sent troops into Luxembourg and demanded from Belgium free passage for German troops across its neutral territory. On August 3 Germany declared war against France.

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In the night of August 3—4 German forces invaded Belgium. Thereupon, Great Britain , which had no concern with Serbia and no express obligation to fight either for Russia or for France but was expressly committed to defend Belgium, on August 4 declared war against Germany. Romania had renewed its secret anti-Russian alliance of with the Central Powers on February 26, , but now chose to remain neutral.

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Italy had confirmed the Triple Alliance on December 7, , but could now propound formal arguments for disregarding it: first, Italy was not obliged to support its allies in a war of aggression; second, the original treaty of had stated expressly that the alliance was not against England. Thenceforth, they could be called the Allied , or Entente, powers, or simply the Allies.

The outbreak of war in August was generally greeted with confidence and jubilation by the peoples of Europe, among whom it inspired a wave of patriotic feeling and celebration. The war was welcomed either patriotically, as a defensive one imposed by national necessity, or idealistically, as one for upholding right against might, the sanctity of treaties, and international morality.

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Submit Feedback. Thank you for your feedback. Paul Tucker is scheduled to read a proclamation from Gov. He was a student attending Syracuse University on an athletic scholarship for hockey and track when he was drafted into the Army in Kieley graduated from officer candidate school and became a commander of a tank company serving in Gen.

World War I

George S. Patton's famous 4th Armored Division.

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He also served under Brig. Albin Irzyk, a Salem native who has a park in Salem named in his honor.

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Kieley was awarded two silver stars, one bronze star, and five additional bronze stars for participating in every major European campaign on the march through France, Belgium, Czechoslovakia and Germany. He said he was shot out of five different tanks. From July through September, he and his fellow soldiers lived in their tanks five to a tank and "off the land" for their food, he said. Asked about facing combat, he said, "There's no way you can describe a Stuka a German plane diving down on you, or beautiful artillery waking you up every morning. Each of my decorations reminds me of a particular battle.

World War I

DoD photo by U. His lieutenant told them, "'Gentlemen, I give you Cologne. An American military cameraman captured footage of Smoyer and his crew in action, and the video was seen around the world. Smoyer became known as the "Hero of Cologne.

The group researched each of the names and added their personal stories to their website