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Think Beyond the Rectangle

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Designing Virtual Worlds [Book]

Instructional Demo. Autodesk Virtual Reality Workflows for Architects.

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Industry Talk. Related on AKN. The VR age is rapidly approaching.

Experts say that this VR revolution will be bigger than the advent of the mobile phone, and the first company to create a consumer VR product that is adopted by the masses will win big. Really big. So why should designers care?

Conjuring designs from thin air in a virtual world

Designers should care because the market that has provided them with reliable work over the past few decades and is about to shift towards a new paradigm of immersive 3D content. Sound, touch, depth, and emotion will all be integral to the VR experience, making even the most novel 2D screen experiences feel boring and dated.

I wrote this article to help people get oriented with the processes, tools, and principles when creating VR experiences. Pretty cool, right? For people who want the best quality experience and are willing to pay for it, Oculus Rift or HTC Vive are the best options. Do you want to create a first person game? Maybe an educational app? An interactive movie?

Whatever it is, start simple and think about what you need to start an MVP. You will need user personas, conceptual flows, wireframes, and an interaction model. As you ideate on design ideas, consider some of these fundamental questions:. How do people get started?

What is Virtual Reality?

What affordances are provided to guide people without overwhelming them? Slow and progressive familiarization, visual clues, and guidance from the software should all be used to help the user. VR apps with intuitive user interfaces — similar to what people use on their wearables, phones, tablets and computers — are what will make VR accessible to the masses. Similar to designing 2D interfaces, designers should use size, contrast and color to denote hierarchy.

For example, knowing how large to design your type is tricky, but fortunately there are many precedents in the real world. The same considerations made for print design billboards, posters, books are helpful when designing content for VR.

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Consider how you interact with a touchscreen monitor today. There are a number of patterns that we have all grown to understand such as swiping, pinching to zoom, and long tapping to bring up more options.

Autodesk University

The Edinboro experience extends well beyond the classroom. EU students prepare for careers and life through opportunities for hands-on learning, collaborative research with faculty, global travel, and internships.

Bachelor of Multimedia (Hons.) (Virtual Reality)

Your Edinboro degree can get you there. Edinboro is THE place to be for game designers.

With a prestigious Art Department and a combined Computer Science and Math Department, we can offer you the best of all worlds:. Edinboro was recently ranked the top public university in Pennsylvania for Game Design. Recent alumni currently work in a variety of industries for companies such as:. PlanetRisk, Inc.