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Actually he is one of my favourite players.

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But who will go out of this list? Lasker was the second World Champion, taking the title from Steinitz. A mathematician, philosopher and a friend of Albert Einstein. Until today he is the player who held the crown for the longer period: 27 years from until , when he was defeated by Capablanca. But the truth is that he was a great strategist and one of the best ever. One of his best games was the magnificent win against Capablanca in the tournament of Saint Petersburg The concept he showed with the move To many he should be ranked higher in this list, but I believe ninth place is fair enough.

His contribution to chess is gigantic, although he was not an active World Champion. But both Karpov and Kasparov studied with him, making his contribution to chess even greater. Some may debate whether Kramnik can be considered a World Champion.

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After all he lost, in , the match against Alexey Shirov, who should have been the real contender for the crown. And without losing a single game! For more than 20 years he has been one of the top 5 players in the world. He has made great contributions to development of the game with hist classical games, usually positional masterpieces.

For all those reasons, Kramnik deserves the 8th place in my ranking list. But I know that many will not agree with this. Check out one of his fine wins against Magnus Carlsen. In his youth he could trounce strong grandmasters spending no more than 10 minutes for the whole game. At least I managed to make a draw in one of my games with him! Anand took the title from Kramnik convincingly in and had to bow to the unstoppable power of Magnus Carlsen in He told me: he was not a genius like Anand.

Vishy still shows his class today, even with a chesswise advanced age 47 , fighting on equal terms with the younger generation, as we can see from this brilliant win agains Caruana. Karpov was World Champion during 10 years, from till , when he lost the match to the young Kasparov in a moment that it was not very clear who was the best. I had the chance to ask Karpov in person he visited Brazil many times and I played against him in 3 occasions who would have won this match.

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Karpov was cold as ice, with nerves of steel, with an enigmatic style of play. He was the supreme master os prophylaxis. And his play became stronger after he was already World Champion. Magnus is just 26 but he already deserves to be considered of the 5 best chess players ever. Apart all that, I should mention that Magnus revolutionized chess.

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Before him, top chess was dominated by openings analyzed to the death with the computer, with the vast majority of elite grandmasters studying lines past move 20 anyone remembers the ridiculous Leko x Kramnik match, when many games ended in a quick draw and modern opening theory was blamed by the players? Carlsen showed that chess can — and should — be fought on the board. He almost never win games due to opening preparation and deliberately searches for less theoretical paths.

Can he become the best chess player ever? Only time can tell.

Honorary mention:

Check out here a fine Carlsen win against one of his main rivals! The fact is that he is probably the biggest natural talent ever although Morphy might have a say here. For this reason he never had to work too hard. If he had added to his talent the discipline of Kasparov or Alekhine, he could have been the best ever.

But talent made him lazy and for this reason in my list he is below his rival in my list. Many will be angry with Alekhine being ahead of Capablanca in this list. But this is not the list of the most talented ever. A great chess player is made of many qualities — and capacity to work is one of them. His playing style was much ahead of his time.

He was able to break the laws of positional chess with concrete play — to him everything needed to be evaluated according the the unique elements of each position. Their playing styles are very similar. How can he be number two?

Yes, according to the numbers the was the best ever. An extraordinary talent, a visionary, a playing style that produced many spectacular games. He was the player with the best opening preparation in the history of the game and made a smooth transition to the computer age. Kasparov was also a brilliant strategist. In a few games the score was already to the seasoned World Champion. The match would end if a sixth victory happened.

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What Kasparov did then was magnificent. This resulted in the longest drawing streak in a world championship match and the duel was cancelled after months of battle, when the score was already A new match was arranged and Kasparov won. The rest is history. His contibution to the development of the game is second to none.

He showed a superior understanding of positions with material inbalances and with the initiative. Like Alekhine, he sought the most energetic solution since the first move. No other player used so many theoretical novelties. Take a look at this game: rightly considered the best chess game ever played. Even with all that he is still number 2 in my list. The fans loved to cheer for him and he played an integral part in the initial success of SmackDown. His in-ring talent and natural ability to make people happy contributed to his popularity and his success.

But his long and illustrious wrestling career finally reached the top of the mountain when he defeated Brock Lesnar to become the WWF Champion. He had truly paid his dues in the wrestling business and his one and only reign as Champion was entertaining as people had come to expect from Guerrero.

10- Emanuel Lasker

His successful defense at WrestleMania against Kurt Angle was a classic match that also led to a classic moment. He would then embrace his best friend, Chris Benoit, who had become World Heavyweight Champion for the first time on the same night. The embrace between two friends, who had been down the road together so many times, finally standing at the pinnacle of the wrestling world will go down as one of the most emotional moments in WrestleMania history.

Guerrero would go on to engage in an epic feud with JBL that saw Eddie lose the title to one of his fiercest rivals. It was not a long Championship reign, but it provided so many classic moments and Eddie Guerrero wore the belt so proudly that he will always be remembered as a great WWE Champion. Warrior was incredibly popular with the fans despite his limited in-ring style and one-dimensional promo skills. His intensity and his the colorful nature of his character got him over to the point where the fans went wild at the sound of his entrance music.

He entered into a program with Randy Savage that led to a WrestleMania match after the "Macho King" cost him the title in a match with Sergeant Slaughter. If Warrior had not had a monumental falling out with Vince McMahon, there is no doubt that he would have won the belt on countless more occasions. Bradshaw was a beer-swilling, card-playing, bar-frequenting big man who was not expected to ever break out of tag team wrestling and ever draw money as a singles star.

Even his drawling voice made him into a hated figure that memorably feuded with Eddie Guerrero, John Cena and Rey Mysterio.