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If you do not write an essay, you will receive a score of 0 on this section. There is also an unscored section, which could be in the Critical Reading, Math, or multiple-choice Writing section. This section helps the College Board analyze whether the test is a fair and accurate representation of skills tested by the exam.

Questions in the unscored section are not factored into your final SAT score. How is Your Score Reported? The College Board will send your scores to you. They will also send your scores to the schools you requested on your application. How Did My Score Rate? As of this writing, the average total score is around , which breaks down to approximately in Math, in Writing, and in Critical Reading. This average score is acceptable for most colleges and universities.

Some schools require a score of or more, which would put you in the 90th percentile—meaning that you scored better than 90 percent of other test-takers during that particular exam. A perfect score is Typically, fewer than 1 percent of all students who take the SAT get a perfect score. Your score report will also include two percentile rankings. The first measures your SAT exam scores against those of all students who took the test, nationwide. The second measures your scores against only the students in your state who took the test.

The higher your percentile ranking, the better. For example, if you receive a 65 in the national category and a 67 in the state category, that means your scores were better than 65 percent of students nationwide and 67 percent in your state. In other words, out of every students who took the test in your state, you scored higher than 67 of them. Did you know that you can hide your lowest SAT scores? Part I also includes some general test-taking strategies. Part II is the fun part—the games.


In this section, you will work toward building an awesome vocabulary by doing crossword puzzles, word scrambles, acrostics, and more. The games in this book are structured to help you work with spelling, learn new words, and improve your grammar. The final section of this book contains test-taking strategies, checklists to help you prepare for the big day, and anxiety-busting exercises— to help ensure that you are at the top of your game when you walk into the testing facility to take the exam.

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What Exactly Are Prefixes and Suffixes? Prefixes and suffixes are attached to base words in order to add information and meaning. A prefix is an attachment that comes before a base word or stem.

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A suffix is an attachment that comes after the base word or stem. A stem is the main part of a word—the part that prefixes or suffixes are attached to—but might not actually be a full word by itself. The word repayment, for example, is made up of the prefix re- which means again , the stem pay, and the suffix -ment which means action or process. So, with an understanding of suffixes, prefixes, and stems, you could figure out that the meaning of repayment is the process of paying money back.

Derivational Suffixes There are suffixes that change the meaning of the base word or stem. Root Words English is made up of words derived from Latin and Greek roots, as well as words from German, French, and other languages. As you go through your daily life, keep an eye out for more word roots, and watch for them to reappear in other words. The more you know, the more you can figure out—and the better your vocabulary will be! In Chapter 2, you learned the meanings of common base words.

In the following exercises, put it all together by combining base words with prefixes and suffixes to create new words. Some word parts will be used more than once. Column A Column B anti act con cede de ceed ex ceive in cept mis dict non flect pre mand re serve un spect 1. A command or principle intended as a general course of action: Some will be used more than once.

Column A Column B auto ance bio ary cardio ate jur ation kinet ic lumin graph migr logy narr ous opt or phon y 1. An instrument that measures the movement of the heart: 2.

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The state or quality of emitting or reflecting light: The answers will read from left to right or from top to bottom. If you need help, a word list containing all the words used in this chapter can be found on page You can always come back and finish a game at another time. If you get stuck, take a look at the word list at the end of the chapter to see if you can find the word to match the definition in the clue. Across 3. An overused expression. Correct and proper inflection and intonation in speech. Ranting speech. A short story or account of something interesting. Speaking two languages.

Quiet; not inclined to speak. A statement that is widely accepted as true. A statement of values. To implore or beg. Blatant; conspicuous and offensive outcry. To plead with or urge someone to action. To make defamatory or contemptuous statements. To give notice; tell.

An official command or instruction. To express well in words. A phrase that cannot be translated literally into another language. A negative or disparaging remark. To vanquish completely; make someone or something cease to exist. To decode; interpret. To free from the power or control of others; release from bondage. Someone who lives by plundering or theft. Someone who opposes war. To give up a position of leadership. To avoid or escape. Treachery; betrayal.

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A tactic; a deliberate, coordinated movement. Down 1. To examine in detail; to seek orders or votes. To put into danger; threaten. Acting like a tyrant. Suited for war; related to military life. A police officer or soldier, especially in France. To move to action; stir up.