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High-Frequency Characterization of Electronic Packaging gives the reader an insight into how high-frequency characterization of electronic packaging should be done and describes the problems that have to be tackled, especially in performing accurate measurements on modern IC-packages and in determination of circuit models. High-Frequency Characterization of Electronic Packaging is conceived as a comprehensive guide for the start of research and to help in performing high-frequency measurements.

Important notions in high- frequency characterization such as S-parameters, calibration, probing, de-embedding and measurement-based modeling are explained. The described techniques are illustrated with several up-to-date examples.


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References 8 Citations 9 Cite. References 8. Hyun Chul Jung 6 Estimated H-index: 6. Estimated H-index: 2. Estimated H-index: 9.

Inkjet printing is considered one of the most promising methods for patterning and materials deposition. The feasibility of employing inkjet technology for the creation of conductive pathways on printed circuit boards is addressed herein. Prediction of the width, length, and thickness of printed lines as a function of the dot diameter, resolution, and volume fraction of the particles in the ink is presented.

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Surface treatment of the substrate to promote desirable adhesion and wetting properties Published on Jan 1, in Piers Online. Jingjing Zhang 2 Estimated H-index: 2. Building on our previous work that compared computed propagation charac- teristics of picosecond pulses on coplanar waveguides CPW's with experiments, we extract transmission-line parameters, including resistance, inductance, conductance, and capacitance, from S-parameters up to subterahertz frequencies.

The distributed-element circuit model is an- alyzed for applications in CPW-based circuit design. DOI: Direct ink-jet printing and low temperature conversion of conductive silver patterns. Patrick J. Smith 24 Estimated H-index: A drop-on-demand ink-jet printer has been used in the production of conductive silver tracks onto glass, polyimide, polytetrafluoroethylene, carbon and glass fibre reinforced epoxy substrates.

Joshua M. Wilson 25 Estimated H-index: Estimated H-index: 6.

High Frequency Transmitter Maintenance, Repair and RADAR - Basic Electronics 34

A screen printer is used to print conductive inks, loaded with silver particles, on nonwoven textiles substrates. To evaluate this technology for use as flexible interconnects; a custom test fixture was designed to assist in the high frequency characterization of CPW transmission lines. Due to the flexible nature of textile substrates it is necessary to have mechanical support at the points of electrical contact.

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However, the test fixture must not alter the electrical characteristics of the CPW De-embedding transmission line measurements for accurate modeling of IC designs. Alain M.

High-Frequency Characterization of Electronic Packaging | Luc Martens | Springer

Mangan 5 Estimated H-index: 5. A new technique to de-embed the contributions of parasitic structures from transmission line measurements is presented and applied to microstrip lines fabricated in and nm RF-CMOS technologies. De-embedded measurements are used to extract characteristic impedance, attenuation constant, group delay, and effective permittivity. The effective thickness of the ground plane is demonstrated to be as important as the thickness of the top metal layer in minimizing interconnect loss. System-on-flexible-substrates: electronics for future smart-intelligent world.

Published on Jan 1, Li-Rong Zheng 29 Estimated H-index: Dokumentinformationen Titel:. Gedruckte Ausgabe. The interface resistance between a cadmium plated connector and an Alodined aluminum bracket. Improvements and recent advances in nanocomposite capacitors using a colloidal technique.

A compact MU interface 2.

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Unisolated 2. Reliability studies of plastic ball grid array assemblies reflowed in nitrogen ambient. Reliability investigations for flip-chip on flex using different solder materials. The effect of underfill imperfections on the reliability of flip chip modules: FEM simulations and experiments. Moisture-induced interfacial delamination growth in plastic IC packages during solder reflow. Compression flow modeling of underfill encapsulants for low cost flip chip assembly.

Synthesis of high-speed interconnects under constraints on timing and signal integrity. Modern technologies of SMT require a high level of ability and know-how of engineers, technicians and employees. Long term exposure electromagnetic effects on discrete analog and digital electronic devices. Solid state UV-laser technology for the manufacture of high performance organic modules.

Correlation of flip chip underfill process parameters and material properties with in-process stress generation.